The PeopleMover is designed for passenger transport according to the Association of German Transport Companies’ (VDV) guidelines for public transport. It offers comfortable space for 15 passengers and enables an economical on-demand service in shuttle operation. At the same time, its floor space is not larger than a large limousine. The PeopleMover will initially and in future be piloted manually by a driver and is already designed for highly automated use (L4). The unique vehicle package allows barrier-free access, including for wheelchairs.

The electric drive can be combined with an energy source to match the use case, from a small battery pack of 63 kWh up to a fuel cell range extender.






* Limited to 60 km/h due to standing passengers. The technical data given above are typical values based on calculations. Subject to technical changes.


For several decades now, airport properties have been proved as suitable environments for purely electric vehicles.

The airport transportation system provides access within and in the vicinity of the airport for passengers, employees, visitors and suppliers.

The PeopleMover is the ideal shuttle for crew members on the air side of the airport, as well as an environmentally friendly transportation method for passengers between the parking facilities and airport terminals.

As the PeopleMover is fully electric and requires low maintenance due to its electric drive, the vehicle can be optimally integrated in the day-to-day operations of any airport.